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Letters to the Editor: Prop. 15, reparations are bad ideas; Carbajal's track record speaks for itself

Letters to the Editor: Prop. 15, reparations are bad ideas; Carbajal's track record speaks for itself

Prop. 15, reparations are bad ideas

California is facing a financial crisis with two idiotic proposals. First is Prop. 15. Small business owners already have difficulty paying workers. Workers who are struggling to put food on their family's table and struggling to pay their bills.

Prop. 15 is a deceptively worded bad idea trying to gut Prop. 13’s limitation of confiscatory property taxes and will force businesses to pay additional taxes or close for good.

Money from Prop. 15 is touted as going to help schools. It will not. That is the same carrot dangled before voters with lottery money. Remember? Sure, the money went to the schools but the state in turn diverted equal funds away from the schools to use on pet projects. Don’t be fooled.

This is an attempt to chisel away at Prop. 13 and if passed the next chisel will be at homeowners. I am proud that Supervisors Steve Lavagnino and Peter Adam opposed this proposition. The other three, Gregg Hart, Das Williams and Joan Hartmann, who approved supporting Prop. 15, have no common sense.

Remember those three names when you see them on a future ballot. Please vote with your head and not your heart. I agree we need to help schools but taxing businesses out of existence will not help them or their employees.

The other is that California is setting up a nine-member task force on how to provide reparations for Black Americans. Why? There is not a Black person alive today who was a slave. And what about reparations for Native Americans or Mexicans. After all, this was their land. How much money will that cost an already broke California?

Newsom has no common sense. Please vote no on Prop 15 and write to your local representatives about the reparation hoax, another stupid Democratic proposal.

Samantha Romero

Santa Maria

Carbajal's track record speaks for itself

Andy Caldwell is running for the 24th Congressional District on a platform of theoretical complaints about government and a desire to fix Washington. Our representative isn’t there to focus on Washington, we elect a congressman to address specific needs here on the Central Coast. Mr. Caldwell says that he is prepared for the job after interviewing guests for his radio show and writing 2,000 essays. A closer look reveals that most of his essays are just a rehash of FOX News talking points peppered with the “hot button phrase” de jure.

Before running for any office Salud Carbajal developed the skillset needed to serve in government by working in various government entities including an 11-year stint in the office of County Supervisor Naomi Schwartz. After getting a master’s degree in organizational management, Salud ran for office and won his own seat on the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors.

During his 12-year tenure on the board Salud Carbajal further developed his leadership skills by serving on several governmental and community boards addressing a range of real-life problems such as waste management and affordable housing.

Congressman Carbajal has done a great job representing the Central Coast in Washington. His military background has informed his work on the House Committee on Armed Services where he worked to provide service members with appropriate body armor and helped developed collaborative partnerships between the D.O.D and local colleges.

Mr. Carbajal successfully secured $1 million for the Santa Barbara Veterans Treatment Courts and introduced legislation to combat veteran homelessness. As vice-chair of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure Mr. Carbajal worked to create jobs by developing legislation to repair our country's crumbling infrastructure.

This is no time to have an amateur representing us in Washington. Vote for Salud Carbajal.

Molly Machin



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