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Letters to the Editor: Reelect Heter for 2020; My dream begins with this election
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Letters to the Editor: Reelect Heter for 2020; My dream begins with this election

From the Election 2020: Profiles, stories from Lompoc City Council and Mayoral races series
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Reelect Heter for 2020

Having known Roberta “Bert” Heter for over 25 years, I enthusiastically support her re-election as the trustee for District 4 on the Santa Barbara County school board.

We met in the late 1990s when she was the principal at Lompoc High School and, in a very short time, it was obvious to me that her priorities were her family, her students and her community. She is highly competent, professional and effective and always puts “what is best for kids first.”

Bert has stayed connected to education through her involvement with the Association of California School Administrators. She was selected in 2013 as the Retired Administrator of the Year in the State of California for her excellent service as a member of the state's Secondary Education and Retirement Committees.

In her role as a trustee of the Santa Barbara Foundation Bert served as the chairperson for the Education Committee providing scholarship opportunities for students throughout Santa Barbara County. In 2006 she became a member of the North County Advisory Committee for the Scholarship Foundation of Santa Barbara. Bert was instrumental in the development of the Lompoc Valley Community Scholarship Fund, knowing that an education is an “equalizer” for students and a major obstacle for students furthering their education is the cost.

Bert is an individual that makes decisions and takes action that will result in positive impacts on students, teachers and families. She understands the complexities in our educational system and pushes forward the changes necessary so that all students can be served.

All who know her in the education, the philanthropic, and the non-profit and community arenas respect Bert. Please vote to reelect Roberta “Bert” Heter.

Erik M. Frost

Santa Maria

My dream begins with this election

I have a dream. I love being an Independent and have been since I attended a town meeting with my parents at 10 years old in a village of 2,000 people in Connecticut.

My dream for our country is to have four or five political parties, each with enough political clout to have meaningful influence to represent their agendas at the table. Sound weird? It exists - it exists in many countries - and these countries take us to the cleaners on "quality of life." We could get there, but it takes a dream. It takes baby steps and long-term focus to get there.

Step One: Exorcism of today's Republican legislators. Wipe them clean out of the White House and the Senate majority - and balance the Supreme Court.

Step Two: Rebuild the Republican party! Why? Before we are ready to create a multi-party system and "Make America Great Again," we need at least two parties that work only for their constituents - not for lobbies, big money, power, or re-election. President Biden will have both the credentials and ethics to bring Republican appointees into key areas of both his cabinet and staff.

Step Three: Where would he recruit such ethical Republicans? Start with the Lincoln Project. These are some of the most experienced, knowledgeable traditional Republican influencers, who have made a collective decision to effectively and bravely oppose Trump (if the Lincoln Project is unfamiliar to you, do some research and watch who is sponsoring the most powerful political ads against Trump - yes, true Republicans against Trump!)

They fully acknowledge having made a stand that is career suicide - their last stand to set things right before their party ostracizes them to the abyss. There are many other Republican stalwarts for sure with the right credentials to work with a Democratic administration to reconstruct a moderate center. These are the seeds to a Republican revival, a surge of new Republican candidates that are repulsed by their party predecessors.

It takes passion and patience to "tilt the windmill." I have a dream and ... and it begins with this election.

Glenn Prezkop

Santa Maria


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