Letters to the Editor: Ridding ourselves of two huge problems; Put Americans first in this crisis

Letters to the Editor: Ridding ourselves of two huge problems; Put Americans first in this crisis


Ridding ourselves of two huge problems

The coronavirus has presented Donald Trump with a presidential challenge that he can't lie or obfuscate his way out of. But he is certainly trying. And with each blunder he is putting Americans in greater danger.

He began with one of his classic canards: the art of denials. Two weeks ago, when we should have been preparing for this pandemic, Trump’s message to America was that this whole thing was being exaggerated by “who knows?” (China, Nancy Pelosi, liberals …) any one of his interchangeable scapegoats.

It’s bad enough that he called it wrong and wasted precious time. Perhaps most concerning has been Trump’s instinct to contradict the facts and statements of the government’s top infectious disease experts as they have struggled to contain the outbreak and protect the public.

Poor Dr. Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, has to spend precious time and energy trying to correct Trump's daily wild assertations and half-backed plans. No, your insurance may not waive your co-pay. No, the virus may not disappear with warmer weather. No, anyone who wants a test can’t get a test. No, we will not have a vaccine soon. According to Dr Fauci, it will probably be a year or more.

And as recently as Feb. 11 Trump proposed huge cuts to both the CDC and the National Institutes of Health.

Hospitals are running out of basic supplies, most businesses have shut down, countless Americans are without a pay check and things will probably get worse before they get better, says Dr. Fauci. The last thing we need is the daily lying drivel of a President whose only interest is his reelection. On March 16, rather than commiserating with those who'd lost loved ones to the virus, he began his news conference saying he was "happy." The Fed had cut interest rates as he wanted. He then aggressively attacked a newsman who'd suggested he offer condolences. The man is hopeless. We all have to work together to rid ourselves of two huge problems: the coronavirus and Donald John Trump.

John Miles

Santa Maria

Put Americans first in this crisis

Our nation is in a crisis, families are going without any income, businesses are closing and the Congress has stepped forward with a coronavirus bailout bill to give direct support to those who are hurting so badly.

However, remember come next November that our Representative, Salud Carbajal, voted along with all of the other Pelosi Democrats in the House of Representatives to load up this bailout with all sorts of pet projects that have nothing at all to do with helping those in need, such as forcing airlines to "fully offset" their carbon emissions or forced corporate board diversity.

How will forced corporate diversity help families in need put food on the table? This Pelosi-Carbajal-Democrat House bill gives a bailout to the United States Postal Service, requires early voting and $35 million for the JFK Center for the Performing Arts. Are you kidding me, when small businesses in every town across the country have locked their doors and they give a priority to the JFK Center?

I bet if we were to hold back the pay of all members in Congress until they passed a clean bill devoid of their wish list we would see help in no time for the businesses and employees who need it so badly at this crucial time. Please, put America and Americans first.

Ralph Bush

Arroyo Grande


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