Risky ideas from Starbuck

I must take issue with sentiments expressed by Lompoc City Council member Dirk Starbuck during a recent budget workshop. After about two and a half hours into hearing how miserable our financial situation is, the issue of the riverbed cleanup was discussed.

Starbuck, instead of wanting to spend any more money on the project, actually suggested we should, “turn our kids loose in four-wheel-drive vehicles and motorcycles …” He further suggested we should just turn the riverbed into an “open shooting range.”

In Starbucks’ defense, he said this was just his personal opinion.

He was sitting on the dais in a suit and tie, so his personal opinion would seem to be his professional opinion.

I find these sentiments worrying. Does Starbuck actually condone turning our kids into vigilantes? I thought vigilantism had died out in California long ago. Do we really want to task our kids with harassing the homeless? I’m assuming that’s what he meant, but perhaps that’s just my personal opinion.

And the idea that the riverbed should be turned into some kind of shooting range is not only reckless, but morally abhorrent. The homeless, however unpopular, should be ministered to, not used as target practice.

Leah Braitman


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