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Russia not threat to U.S.

William Randolph Hearst owned newspapers from coast to coast in America.

In 1895, on the occasion of the outbreak of the Cuban Revolution against Spain, Hearst began an intense campaign in all of his newspapers, most importantly the New York Journal. Hearst advocated an American war against Spain. Spain had actually done America no harm, nor uttered any threat.

Hearst's attacks were called "yellow journalism.” The attacks were filled with accusations that were purely emotional and not based on facts, truth or logic.

In 1898 the USS Maine visited Havana harbor. The Maine exploded at night and sank. No cause was ever determined. The most likely cause was a failure of the steam boilers, fire room and the adjacent coal fuel storage. The New York Journal claimed sabotage.

Hearst's emotional attacks enflamed citizens and politicians alike. Hearst thundered for war in his papers and got just that in 1898 — the Spanish American War.

Spain was innocent of any offense to America. Hearst invented a war through propaganda and control of the press. Hearst became wealthier through the sale of more newspapers.

The Lompoc Record/Santa Maria Times is doing exactly the same yellow journalism now. The editor claims the United States is under attack and at war with Russia when no facts, logic or truth exists to prove that accusation. All the newspaper and broadcast journalists across America scream hatred against the Russian state without one speck of proof verified in court.

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Your editorial stated, "Russia would never win a conventional war with the United States.” The last person who believed that was Adolf Hitler, and that war ended with Russian forces in Berlin.

David Grill