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Saving lives is the point

A few years ago, a rumor hit the internet that President Obama was going to confiscate all of the guns in Texas. Defiant, gullible masses went out and bought more guns.

They ranted about how it was liberals and Democrats who wanted to take away all their guns. Other citizens in the U.S. did the same. All on a false rumor.

This belief is still being espoused by the NRA, Republicans and Democrats who think a law outlawing assault rifles and 30-round magazines means all weapons. That argument is a slippery slope and just the beginning of banning all guns. It would mean revoking the 2nd Amendment, and that won't happen.

Outlawing assault rifles and improving background checks won't stop mass shootings in this country, but it will save some lives. Who knows, that one life saved might be the one who cures cancer or your own child.

Stan Novara

Santa Maria

Getting facts on immigrants

David Ulin could have at least checked the facts before writing his guest commentary.

I can agree about the climate change, and most Americans have no issues with the Dreamers.

But Trump was elected, in part, for his promises to remove illegal immigrants. In no possible way do 90 percent of Americans want them to stay. I'm sure the guys making a profit off them do want them here. But what about the people who have either lost their jobs, or taken a massive pay cut?

Check your facts.

Robert Jones

Santa Maria

Marching for our lives

We had an amazing turnout at the March for Our Lives event last Saturday in Lompoc. The speeches by the students were both thoughtful and passionate. I see so much hope in their commitment to stem gun violence.

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The only issue at the event was a heckler whose harassing behavior could have been very disruptive. Thankfully, two members of the Lompoc Police Department arrived and calmly took control of the situation. After some discussion, he moved to the other side of the street. I want to thank Officers Agbodike and Hernandez for their efforts to allow all of us to express our views in a safe manner. It is good to live in a town like Lompoc.

Rob Glasgow


Blasting African-American pastors doesn't help

The quote "Evil prevails when good men do nothing" does not appear in the Bible, and is not scripture, as a recent letter writer stated. It is an Edmonde Burke quote, which local pastors would have gladly told the writer if he had called them instead of putting them on blast for being missing at Saturday's March for Our Lives in Lompoc. African-Americans going after other African-Americans doing good works does nothing to help our fight for Civil Rights, justice, and equality. 

Bernard "Bee Jay" Jones