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School play a smash hit

The Orcutt Academy Drama Class presented a fantastic play that I attended recently. I bought a VIP ticket, so they seated me in the front row and served me refreshments during the intermission.

“Sherlock Holmes and the Siege of 221B” was well-done. The script was quite complicated. They had many pages of dialogue, stage directions and all was staged very well. Sound, lighting, sets and costumes were created and managed like the up-and-coming professionals they are.

"Break a leg!" is the way of the theater, which means much success with the performance. Many thanks to the director and others who worked so hard with this project. We really had something fine to enjoy, and I'll be back.

Barb Brown

Santa Maria

Not a big fan of president

This letter begins with Roy Moore and the fact the Republican Party is willing to elect a possible pedophile to the Senate over a Democrat.

The Republican Party is becoming a party of absolutely no accountability. They're willing to overlook corruption, lying, ineptitude, racism, a total lack of diplomacy, a cozying-up to all autocratic countries, a total denial of Russian interference in the last election — which I believe President Trump is doing because he would like their help in the next election — and climate denial. Also, his lack of diplomacy is taking us very close to World War III.

There also seems to be a fear of the president in the Republican Party. This is not good. This is what a bully wants. This is what a tyrant wants.

We need to be very aware of his future plans. He also has a family that donates to him.

Democrats need a motto to go into future campaigns — "Let's make Our Country Decent Again."

Robin Said

Santa Maria

Marijuana and the rules

Re: Mayor Lingl’s dissenting vote on the cannabis-issue:

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Our City Council is here to listen to the voters, and four council members supported the 57 percent of voters, so who let the other 43 percent know they rate as important voices in our community? Bob Lingl did.

I support the intelligent sales of pot, but I feel a respectfully-dissenting voice reminds us to take everyone into consideration before we move forward. It is not a personal attack it is simply an important perspective.

It helps to look at all angles. Our own Grass Valley home had been literally destroyed by lack-of-scruples legal growers. Our lease-to-own guy cut down our trees, turned our home into a moldy drying rack and slept outside in a tent to protect his crops. All home-rental agencies now have stipulations in their contracts that you cannot dry inside. This was a legal grower mind you, with a hydroponics business in town.

The person who eventually bought our property, another legal-dispensary grower, is growing sustainably, with respect to the property and community and without toxic sprays. Unfortunately, due of the disrespectful growers he has less income now because Grass Valley ended up having to enact stricter laws allowing less plants/scripts per property.

It behooves a community to have a calm, dissenting voice. We should respect the differences, do the research and work together with an eye to creating a healthier and more viable end product.

Michelle Schaefer