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See truth in politics?

The FBI wiretap Russian diplomats and operatives as part of their commitment to protecting America from foreign intervention.

They catch members of Donald Trump's campaign on some of those wiretaps talking to those Russians. Some claim it was President Obama tapping Trump Tower to discredit Trump, how sad. They cannot see the truth because they only listen to the hate radio and TV commentators who constantly claim it's the liberals. They profess it over and over in their propaganda rantings.

During the eight years of Obama's presidency, some kept up the chant that "Obama did it," because he was president. Now that Trump is president, they are still saying "Obama did it.”

Wake up, Obama is gone, now it's Trump who owns it. Like it or not and believing the propaganda saying it's liberals doesn't make it so, it only makes some uninformed and brainwashed.

Do you remember Trump and the birther movement? Yes, the birther movement started by white supremacists because of Obama's race and promoted by Trump for years.

Conservatives hate the liberals because they are so jealous that liberals can stick together and fight for the people instead of special interests.

Stan Novara

Santa Maria

Air quality and dunes

Residents of the Oceano beach community and Nipomo Mesa are suffering from traffic congestion and bad air quality because of Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area.

State Parks has the obligation to minimize these harmful impacts on the neighboring communities and the natural habitat of the park.

A lot can be accomplished in that direction by simply reducing the number of visitors and denying big special events.

Reduced intensity of use is practiced in other parks all over the country to protect them and the surrounding areas. Why can't it be applied here?

Lucia Casalinuovo


Downtown mixed-use plan doesn't fit

This letter is a response to the city wanting to put up a four-story multi-use building. Where do they think the people are going to park? It is all wrong for those downtown. This will not work, as the city is moving to the south of town. The downtown is dead. Nothing can bring it back. This four-story building will not fit into the plan of things.

Marvin Gerletti

Santa Maria