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Shame on the grinches

I think it's a shame when hard working people try to make the holidays brighter by decorating their homes for all to see and enjoy, especially children, only to have some low-life people come by in the dead of night and steal their decorations.

These decorations that people put out are sometimes special to the families displaying them for everyone's pleasure, other times they may be costly to replace.

This is not the first time these uncaring selfish people have stolen from our displays through the years. It makes you think twice about even decorating next time. What if nobody decorated for the Christmas holidays ... everybody's dark houses would surely not brighten the season.

No more gleeful squealing of little children at the sight of all the decorations and lights on the houses ... I hope that these thieves are reading this newspaper and feel self shame at what they did to us and others who try to make this world a little brighter during the Christmas holiday season. Shame on you! You know who you are ... you are the grinches who steal Christmas every year.

Natalie Mendez

Santa Maria

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