State is not enforcing laws on Oceano Beach

I am an Oceano resident.

I walk Oceano Beach south of Pier Avenue almost every day.

Over and over again I witness vehicles speeding, driving recklessly and in non-permitted areas. I often stop the rangers to notify them, if I am lucky enough to see a ranger drive by. Never have I seen a ranger issue a citation and a ticket on those occasions.

Consistently, rangers tolerate this unlawful behavior. They bluntly state that they issue tickets at their discretion. They say that the offense is not serious enough to issue a citation. What are they waiting for, a pedestrian that gets killed?

No wonder the off-roaders and beach drivers have become such an arrogant and dangerous crowd.

The Off Highway Vehicles (OHV) division of State Parks, in charge of managing Oceano Beach, is not doing its job enforcing the law and making Oceano Beach a safe place for all.

Lucia Casalinuovo

Oceano Beach Community Association