Letters to the Editor: Take advantage of the new cannabis energy; Sorry to see Baskets in Bloom go

Letters to the Editor: Take advantage of the new cannabis energy; Sorry to see Baskets in Bloom go


Take advantage of the new cannabis energy

Last year 42 new businesses applied to open their doors in Lompoc’s city limits. So far, half of them have been licensed and many have opened their doors to the public. This is excellent news in a community that has been economically plagued for decades. None of this would be happening had not the majority of Lompocians, and Californians, voted to legalize cannabis.

Cannabis is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world and the City of Lompoc - which is in the exact right place - has embraced this opportunity at the exact right time. It is time to move the conversation beyond, “yeah, but how many pot shops can one small town sustain?” to “how do we build from this new energy and business coming to town so that it can sustain?”

There is no other place in the world that has an opportunity like Lompoc’s. Our community has the chance to cash in on the underserved demand for cannabis tourism. Rather than just collect the tax from the people waiting in lines at our dispensaries today, let’s give them a reason to stay the night in our hotels, eat at our restaurants, take Instagram photos with our murals and tell all their friends about our gorgeous little Flower Valley tomorrow.

Let’s embrace the future and not allow racism, hate and Reefer Madness to hold us back when we are on the verge of something better. Don’t blow this opportunity Lompoc, you will not get it again.

Angela Bacca


Sorry to see Baskets in Bloom go

I am writing about "Baskets", previously "Baskets in Bloom"...

How incredibly sad this unique and enjoyable afternoon fundraising event has ended. It has always been fun to decorate tables, whether it be the guest table or donation table, but it was all done for the children.

To so many of us it was a great way to get together to help the children in our community, and we all enjoyed doing it.

It was ended because it was "no longer beneficial." Excuse me ... this needs to be reconsidered for the children. Put yourselves in their positions.

I ask you, the staff that made the decision, how many of you have been there year after year at this event?

Did you not see the childrens' faces as they prepared tables? Did you not watch their faces as they volunteered to help unload items from those donating tables? Did you not see their faces as they served the guests? Did you not watch their faces as they received compliments from us guests? Did you not see their faces as they cleaned up afterwards? Again offering to help recipients of winning tables transport winnings to their vehicles?

The faces of those children, young adults, were priceless, those smiles. They were topics of conversation always at our table, as with many other guests.

It's always been apparent many of the children initially lack validation.

As the day began, several were rather timid and shy, as the day progressed obviously they became more at ease ... the blushing with compliments, the giggles with the many thank yous given to them, so deserved.

This affair gave these young ones the experience to dress up, to interact with adults, to serve them, to feel special, to give of themselves to others ... is that not what life should be about?

In return obviously their smiles showed they felt special, like they really matter, they felt acknowledged, they were validated in ways outside of this venue I bet many rarely experience.

Pamela Arnold

Santa Maria


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