Letters to the Editor: Thank you for Sr. Angel Tree Project; Predictions for Lompoc; More tolerance, restraint needed

Letters to the Editor: Thank you for Sr. Angel Tree Project; Predictions for Lompoc; More tolerance, restraint needed


Thank you for Sr. Angel Tree Project

The Valley of Flowers Half-Century Club wishes to thank the community of Lompoc for participating so wholeheartedly in our Sr. Angel Tree Project.  We also wish to thank the banks: Mechanics Bank, Bank of the Sierras, and Vandenberg Village Community Services District office for collecting the gifts. 

All residents at Fountain Square, Skilled Nursing and Rehab and Convalescent Care Center received their gifts at their holiday parties and no one was forgotten. We are proud to be sponsors of such a wonderful project.

Gail Clark-Savage

Valley of Flowers Half Century Club

Predictions for Lompoc

I wish to reveal my predictions for Lompoc 2020. First, after the old municipal pool is leveled, that lot will be turned into a parking lot for city hall. That sounds reasonable until step two, which is the proposed sale of city hall to the county.

Crazy, you say? Well no, because this very stunt was attempted several decades back. The deal failed because the county said the parking was insufficient at that time. This makes me wonder whether the old pool was ever earthquake unsafe at all. Only Dick DeWeese knows.

Step three: a new site for city hall will be found on the Wye. Whatever for, you say? City hall at the Wye will be central to Lompoc City, once Mission Hills, Mesa Oaks, and Vandenberg Village are swallowed whole.

Our councilmembers and the salaried staff all believe in unlimited population growth so they can continue to tax and spend and build their empire of Lompoc Valley ever greater. They want to be wealthy just like Santa Maria. They want glorious shopping for everyone and pay raises for themselves.

The fourth and final prediction is that the city government will be forced to declare bankruptcy because the council will never have the wisdom or courage to face the Public Employees Retirement System debts. Happy New Year!

David Grill


More tolerance, restraint needed

Since my letter of March 28, 2019 about hate crimes, they have not only continued but are increasing. Why you might ask? You have only to look to your leader, Trump, with his constant hateful tweets. I consider them "hate mail". Look at the frequent letters to the editor of this newspaper, which deliver hateful diatribes against "liberals" and other groups and individuals. Look at the output of other world leaders and political candidates, full of hateful rhetoric.

Hate and love are basic human responses. They are primitive feelings. Hate is a response to harm or fear of harm, either physical or psychological, real or imagined. It can be more powerful than love, as in revenge. It grows when it is encouraged by others, as now with social media. So, is it surprising that people who have been hurt, ignored, abused will rise up to fight those whom they deem to be their enemies?

Where are kindness, helpful collaboration and cooperation among diverse groups? These qualities often appear dramatically during and after disasters. Must we wait for more and bigger disasters in order to be kind to each other?

We don't have to subscribe to other peoples' views. We don't even have to like them. But we do not need to hurt or kill them. What we do need is more tolerance and restraint.

Roy Moss, M.D.

Santa Maria




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