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Time for spring cleaning in Lompoc

\Almost time for spring cleaning. Can the city start too? Too many businesses place signs on sidewalks and in planters. Our wonderful beautification volunteers will fill the wine barrels with flowers, only to have a sign stuck in them.

Many businesses are dirty, in and out. Many have potholes lots with no parking or handicapped zones visible. We closed the swap meet, so now everyone sells in their yards without permits, leaving signs until nature removes them. Too many homes have work trucks parked everywhere, some apparently as advertising. Motor homes and trailers are left on streets, even using traffic cones, and many are used as rentals. Businesses that generate trash simply let the wind carry it away. Time to clean up, Lompoc.

Victoria Farley


ERG oil plans put groundwater at risk

Remember during the drought in June 2015 when over 700 Golden State Water customers and our friends, neighbors and members of our community stood in line at the Radisson Hotel for a meeting with water officials to find out how our mandated water reduction would affect us.

At that time, it made us all realize how important our water is to each and every one of us.

Now we are faced with another problem. As local customers of Golden State Water, our water source is being put at risk by the proposed ERG oil expansion project in the Cat Canyon Oil Field where hundreds of new oil wells would be drilled through the Santa Maria Valley groundwater basin. These wells will use toxic acidizing treatments of highly pressurized and super heated steam. Then the polluted wastewater would be injected back into the ground. Well casings can and do fail, and surface spills are inevitable, putting at risk our largest clean water source. ERG has already spilled more than any other onshore oil company since 2010.

Steam injection drilling puts our water source at a high risk of contamination.

This is not the way your grandfathers drilled for oil.

Tess Blake

Santa Maria

Irresponsible politicians are our biggest problem

Debt, immigration, and infrastructure are some of our major problems in America today. But, our biggest problem is our politicians.

The results of their actions go un-checked by the working people because they are too busy making a living. However, their actions methodically erode the quality of all our lives, especially the tax payers who are providing the money.

They raise taxes ostensibly to pay for police, firemen, and schools so they can continue overspending on pet programs that do little for this country.

Their main envy are the rich. To them, the rich are the cause for the widening gap between the rich and the poor. In reality, the widening gap is caused by more people being put into the poor category, especially those walking across our borders into open arms of our politicians.

Our presidents and governors make their actions sound good in word, but they will leave a legacy of debt for this country. Our congressional politicians spend so much time making deals to keep their jobs that we the public have no idea where they stand on the issues. Most often, those deals ignore the needs of our country. At the same time, they are all living large on taxpayer money. They have set up retirement plans and lifetime medical benefits for themselves and all government workers that is creating another debt that if not corrected, will put our country into financial ruin.

Two questions. Will we ever see a majority of our politicians that will work for the good of our country instead of themselves? And, will we ever have a majority of voters that will vote for the good of our country instead of asking the taxpayers to support them?

Elvin Colwell

Santa Maria

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