Urging permit approval for music store

Growing up in a musical family, I know first hand how vital music is to every day life. I can't imagine life without it, and I believe that every community should have it.

Certain Sparks Music gives the gift of music and music education to the Lompoc community. They have been around for years and have taught hundreds of students in that time, some of whom have gone on to become instructors themselves, paying it forward.

Now, due to a delay in getting their temporary use permit approved by the City, their annual student summer recital (an annual event that students work hard for and their families look forward to) is at risk of not happening. This event is not only for students to show what they've been working on, but also generates money for the Certain Sparks Music Foundation, which helps provide music lesson scholarships at no charge to children in the community.

If this event is not able to happen as planned, it would be devastating on so many levels. I strongly urge the City staff to expedite Certain Sparks' temporary use permit, so that their recital can happen at the Lompoc Wine Factory as planned. Don't let down the dozens of people that have worked so hard to make this event happen.

Lia Cole


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