Letters to the Editor: Use science to make point; Read up on liberty and justice for all

Letters to the Editor: Use science to make point; Read up on liberty and justice for all


Use science to make point

I feel it is a crime to frighten little children and gullible adults with the theory that Earth will end in 10 or 12 years, and we will all die due to man-caused global warming.

An editorial in the Santa Maria Times, "Warming to science of change,” suggested if we wish to survive and "avoid extinction" we must overhaul the way we live.

In science classes we were told to always adhere to using the scientific method in testing theories. The scientific method consisted of asking if Earth is getting a little warmer due to the use of fossil fuel? Do the background research.

Core drilling in the Arctic through all of the layers of ice has brought up vegetation showing that in years Earth was once much warmer. The climate is and has always been changing without any input from man. Test your hypothesis.

As you can't prove it one way or another, it becomes more of a political issue than scientific. Analyze the data and draw a conclusion. Since there is no data to support that the climate is changing due to man's activities, no conclusion can be drawn.

Ralph Bush

Arroyo Grande

Read up on liberty and justice for all

I've had it up to here with what is happening to our great country. The mentality of those who represent us is abominable. The fact the Democrats lost the election in 2016 has them looking for ways to bring down this president and has had them looking for three years with no end in sight.

If they can't undo what we, the voting citizens, have accomplished, they have gone so far left as to break every Constitutional rule and make their own rules for impeachment.

The Constitution is very clear on what constitutes an impeachable act and those who love their power, feel the rules don't apply to them. They will go to any lengths to bring down this president. Is their action taken because they fear his getting another 4-year term? And, if they continue to show their pettiness we the people will come out in droves to see he does get re-elected? Their action will get those who usually don't vote, to come out.

The Democrat candidates running for president had better stop acting like socialists and trying to bring this country down, and start acting like they care what happens Nov. 3. This is their country too.

The makeup of our representatives shows most of them have never held a "working" job. Would you believe 40% in Congress and 60% in the Senate, before being elected to serve you, were attorneys? Attorneys represent anyone and if knowing they are guilty will still represent them. Yes, I know, innocent until proven guilty. Is this what impeachment is bringing out in our representatives?

If you are a true patriot, love this country with all your heart, please, please be well read on what constitutes liberty and justice for all.

Anita Dwyer




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