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Letters to the Editor: What does the Republican Party stand for?; The 'big lie' may be a lie; Schools have more important priorities; Watson meet the Watsons
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Letters to the Editor: What does the Republican Party stand for?; The 'big lie' may be a lie; Schools have more important priorities; Watson meet the Watsons

What does the Republican Party stand for?

Authored by Marjorie Taylor Greene, Matt Gaetz , Paul Gosar and endorsed by a number of Trump Republicans including Sidney Powell a recent seven-page manifesto was the basis of a newly minted effort to form an organization called “The America First Caucus”. It contains a list of grievances and follows citizen Trump’s footsteps. It calls for regulation of “big tech”, which the right feels works against them. It calls for an end to coronavirus lockdowns, opposes social justice programs like the Green New Deal and supports rejection of “globalist institutions”.

The big item is support of the “Big Lie” that Biden did not win the election. It holds forth proof of the belief that Democrats cannot possibly win an election.

The whole thing was withdrawn as party blowback, fearful that it would provide keys to the closet full of Republican skeletons, crushed it in embarrassment.

The full comedy inherent in this nonsense emerged when Marjorie Taylor Greene claimed “I was allowed to believe things that weren’t true” and a lawyer for Sidney Powell stated that a lawsuit against her by Dominion Voting Machines was a waste of time because, “No reasonable person would conclude that the statements by her were truly statements of fact”.

Let me remind my readers that these are people who are supposed to function within the boundaries of decency, law and ethical conduct and represent national interests when called upon.

Setting all the foregoing aside, I have not heard from any Republicans what the party stands for, what would be the most suitable description of that which has so energized its base. It would be a good question to ask Republican leadership for a clearly articulated statement in answer to that question.

It appears that Joe Biden has provided an answer for the Democrats, not by words, but by actions.

Lee Rosenberg

Santa Ynez Valley

The 'big lie' may be a lie

Interesting that Thomas Elias’ piece in today’s Times about the “big lie” of people leaving California, may itself be the “big lie.”

Yesterday, Census figures were released from the Biden administration, and in the 10 years from 2010 to 2020, California lost so many residents that we will now go forward with one fewer U.S. Representative in Congress.

California has not lost a representative in this manner, in the history of the country.

Perhaps Mr. Elias should reconsider some of his “theories.”

Jim Vint

Santa Maria

Schools have more important priorities

Reading about the proposal of the school board taking up the matter of the school logo, makes me think that incompetence and a weak will are rampant among them.

With the pandemic and the disruption of our children's education, library closures, and frustrations of parents and hardships of students, what is the board and this person thinking?

There's been real protest from students and parents over high school graduations and security issues. Thanks to the Times' archives you can look at other issues.

The fiasco of Pioneer Valley High and the cost of eminent domain, the co-op between a district employee and contractors to embezzle money, (millions and millions), the trial, etc. The failure of adequately safe schools being built, the bait-and-switch of monies for pools, and not infrastructure like portable classrooms.

This is a "teachable moment", to stand up to bullying and blackmail because of something "for the children", that takes away resources from them. Taxpayer monies, not donations. Thank God our elected city officials didn't fall for this charade, for now at least.

Bill Potts

Santa Maria

Watson meet the Watsons

A recent story has emerged regarding the release of all prisoners due to high death rates. It’s beyond milky clear how corrupt many politicians are. People are witnessing their matrix or worldviews shattering within this past year. Death rates are high everywhere. Who are the real criminals? In February 2020 I posed that question in a letter regarding Watson, an inmate from Corcoran Prison, who killed two child molesters.

One could easily say the ones behind bars, probably accurate to some extent. You’re aware of the broken criminal justice system, right? I apologize for overgeneralizing in the past. At times it can be difficult to be brief and specific. People of color, men especially, are targeted with harsh sentences or false imprisonments. People who make poor choices which result in the consensual- non-consensual debate resulting in the imprisonment of an innocent man or victim with no justice. Fathers being replaced by government and appliances. Women left physically unsafe and more vulnerable to assault, to list a few issues.

At one point in time, Black family units were stronger than what we’re seeing today. This is what ethnic African ancestry is known for. Author Christopher Paul Curtis shares a heartfelt novel called The Watsons Go to Birmingham which illustrates more talent and culture within Black communities.

Is it any clearer who the criminals are? Most today are no way interested in religion. Let’s pretend you are. From a Christian standpoint, we’re all guilty. Anger in our hearts could potentially cause the harm of another. I’m sure most faith backgrounds would agree that what’s happening in the world today comes as no surprise.

Whether or not there is a release of all inmates, this does not negate the need for fathers in homes and families close together, communities on alert, working with local businesses and politicians.

Thank you local law enforcement and community members for creating an environment people feel safe and can work together in.

Jenna Johnson Stringer



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