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Letters to the Editor: 'What, me worry?'; Science gives us a way to prevent disease; Protect the red-winged blackbirds
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Letters to the Editor: 'What, me worry?'; Science gives us a way to prevent disease; Protect the red-winged blackbirds

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'What, me worry?'

In his commentary, Dan Walters wants us Californians to be concerned that the top 1% of the state's wealthiest residents will “flee to states that have no or low income taxes” because of Biden’s tax increase on capital gains and ordinary income.

He admits though that “their capital gains ... have increased sharply in recent years" (ie. they made big bucks).

As a 67-year resident of California and the Santa Maria Valley, I say if they want to leave because of Biden’s taxes, “Don’t let the door hit you in the rear and good riddance”.

Their leaving will only create a niche for other entrepreneurs to fill and create more wealth.

They can’t take their property with them, which once resold can have higher value and hence greater revenue from increased property taxes.

In the immortal words of Alfred E. Neuman “What, me worry?”. No thanks Dan.

Nelson Sagisi

Santa Maria

Science gives us a way to prevent disease

I have been vaccinated to death. Not true since I am writing this letter. I have lived through nine decades on this planet. I have my small pox scar. I did not get small pox. I had the Salk polio vaccine. I did not get polio but I know people who did.

I had the mumps, chicken pox and measles as a kid because there was no vaccine. With the measles, I thought I was going to die. Many people did. I get a tetanus shot every 10 years. I have had flu, pneumonia, and shingles vaccines. When I was in the military I have no idea how many shots I got to prevent disease. I also have had both my COVID injections.

Science has given us a way to prevent disease. COVID is an especially nasty one. Please get vaccinated for COVID so we can stop this disease and get our country back to normal. Our health experts have given us a way to do it and it is free!

Rick Tibben


Protect the red-winged blackbirds

The beautiful red-winged blackbirds are back in Santa Maria and nesting in the flood control basin across from the county government complex on Betteravia Road.

Please remember to leave their nesting area alone from February to August, and keep you and your dogs away from them. The red-winged blackbird species and nesting area is protected by the federal Migratory Birds Treaty Act, international treaties and California codes.

There are laws on the books, but it is up to us to follow them, for there is no enforcement or protection from the Santa Barbara County Public Works/Flood Control District that controls the basin.

It is up to us to protect the beauty that we in Santa Maria love and cherish, please enjoy and protect our natural beauty

Pat Lala

Santa Maria


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