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Why don't Lompoc police have body cameras?

I am extremely curious to know why Lompoc police officers aren't wearing body cameras? Many other law enforcement agencies in Santa Barbara County have been equipped with these cameras for some time now.

I recently read that the San Luis Obispo Police Department acquired this technology and requires that their officers wear them at all times while on duty. If our Lompoc Police Department can spend $250,000 on a new armored vehicle, surely they can find the finances to purchase these body cameras at a fraction of that cost to the city.

In my opinion, these would be utilized 24/7 and are a wise investment compared to a quarter million dollar "toy" for the department which essentially is a parked dust collector 99 percent of the time.

These body cameras will benefit the public as well as the officers, so I think it's past the time to stop dragging their feet on this issue already. These body cameras will benefit everyone and I cannot understand why our Lompoc Officers aren't equipped with them already.

Joseph Barto

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