The Southern California woman that hung perilously in a crumpled vehicle -- her two young daughters in the backseat -- from a bridge's edge near Buellton has settled a civil lawsuit for $1 million against the Arroyo Grande trucking company whose driver caused the wreck.

Kelli and Jason Groves, of San Juan Capistrano, filed the complaint last year against R and R Auto Wrecking Inc. and the estate of Charles Allison Jr. The couple's daughters, Sage and Mylo, also were named in the litigation.

Allison, a Grover Beach resident, was the driver of the empty 18-wheeler gravel truck that caused the collision. He died in the Jan. 12, 2012, fiery crash.

The lawsuit sought compensation for personal injuries and emotional distress, as well as medical expenses for Kelli and Sage Groves, which totaled in the several hundred thousands. A final settlement was reached last month and will be split among the family, according to court records.

Kelli Groves will receive 50 percent, or $292,141 of the $1 million settlement; Sage will get 37.5 percent, or $192,488; and Mylo, 3, was awarded 2.5 percent of the settlement, $12,840. The breakdown doesn't include monies that will be taken from settlement funds for attorney fees -- 25 percent of the award -- and outstanding medical bills, according to court records.

Jason Groves was awarded 10 percent, or $73,085, of the settlement for the "loss of love, companionship, affection, society and solace of his wife" caused by the accident.

Sage will begin receiving her share of the settlement when she turns 18. At that time, she will be awarded $20,000 and receive an additional $30,000 at 21, $40,000 at 23 and $80,000 at 25. She will receive a final payment of $103,705 at age 27, according to court records.

The then-10-year-old was airlifted to Cottage Hospital in Santa Barbara with multiple injuries that included a fractured pelvis and fractured right femur and right fibula. She underwent three surgeries during her eight-day admission at the hospital, her body was covered in 100-plus stitches and she spent six weeks in a wheelchair after her discharge. 

The young girl suffered from post traumatic stress disorder following the crash and saw a therapist weekly for treatment. She also underwent surgery in February 2013 to remove fragments of glass from the accident that remained in her ankle and now has completely recovered from her injuries, according to court documents.

Mylo, who was 6-weeks-old at the time of the crash, only suffered a small laceration on her head and was released from the hospital the day after the wreck, which required her mother to be airlifted to Cottage Hospital. Kelli Groves suffered a fractured pelvis and other orthopedic injuries in the accident.

On the day of the accident, Kelli Groves was driving her sister's 2001 BMW 325i in the No. 1 lane, headed to Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa, when Allison, who was in the No. 2 lane, drifted into her lane and slammed into the compact sports car. The impact of crash left the BMW dangling from a bridge about 100 feet above a ravine. It took almost two hours to extricate the car's three occupants.

Allison was under the influence of both methamphetamine and amphetamine at the time of the wreck that also caused the truck to careen over the bridge and crash into the ravine below, where it burst into flames.