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THOMAS ELIAS The top government lawyers from Texas, Ohio, West Virginia and others claim in their lawsuit that the waiver in the 1970 Clean Air Act giving California the right to regulate smog emissions from cars sold here “puts it on an uneven playing field compared to other states in violation of the interstate commerce clause of the Constitution," also giving this state unique power to regulate global climate change.

GUEST COMMENTARY When Fox News lawyers argue that a defeat in the Dominion case "would have grave consequences for journalism across this country," anyone who cares about a free and unfettered press should take that warning very seriously.

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THOMAS ELIAS Merely eyeballing a pill does not reveal whether it’s impure, so patients who use morphine-related drugs and strong doses of anti-anxiety medications should make sure they get the Naloxone anti-dote that’s supposed to be available to them and keep some on hand.

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Commentary - I have never regretted spending much of my youth studying "storybooks" — pretty much the only things besides ballgames, women and Chuck Berry that fascinated me back then.