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THOMAS ELIAS Perhaps no California story this year was overblown more than a report from United Van Lines which seemed to show a huge outflow of California residents – into places like Vermont, South Dakota, South Carolina and West Virginia.

DENNIS BEAVER: When someone, “Is forced to sign something – as in this case, to keep their job - this sounds like duress and has no legal effect. Under the law, it is not binding. My position would be that if the employer fired the employee for refusing to sign the petition, in any state, that person would probably be eligible to file for unemployment benefits, and possible wrongful termination.”

GUEST COMMENTARY Who you marry is the most important decision you ever make in your life. Nothing else is even close. There's always another degree or job or city. There isn't always another partner to share your life with. And since I was married for 53 years before my wife Cokie died three years ago this week, I have some credibility on the subject.