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Drawing on the results of several other studies concerning memory and dementia, and longevity and happiness, they designed an experiment involving a series of tasks with before-and-after questions to measure the speed and richness with which participants could recall events ...

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One team I was watching, in week one of the season, lost five starters for the whole year in the two-week period between their final pre-season game and their first regular-season game, so they were done before they even got going. In another game later that same day ...

SEN. RAND PAUL, R-KY: “But it should be and is illegal to listen to an American’s conversation. And it’s even worse if you’re listening to an American who just happens to be your political opponent from the opposite party.” — interview Wednesday on Fox News Channel.

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Snodgrass said middle school is the right age to start talking about both driving safety and how to be a responsible passenger. Debriefing with kids after they have ridden with teen drivers is also a good habit and opportunity to discuss potential safety issues they observed and how they handled it.