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Put your time and energy into something that leads to monetary, physical or emotional gains. Speak up about how you want things to unfold this year and discuss your plans with anyone who may challenge or oppose you. Let your power of persuasion, coupled with incentives and a solid plan, encourage the people you need on your team to pitch in and help.

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A reasonable attitude will help you win every time. Refuse to let outside influences dictate what happens to you this year. Stick to your schedule, regardless of the direction others take. Have confidence in yourself, and you will feel good about your decisions and the outcome. Some partnerships will be tested, but not all will be broken.

You have options. Look around you and decide what's doable, then head in that direction. Take an unusual path or set up your lifestyle to suit your needs, regardless of how others choose to live. Let excitement drive you, and your skills, intelligence and desire for adventure take you to destinations that open your mind to new possibilities.

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Seize the moment, look for opportunities and stay on course. You can accomplish the most if you stick to your plans and principles, verify facts and refuse to let others manipulate or push you in a direction you don't care to go. Put anger aside, show intelligence and patience, and treat everything you encounter this year with a sense of humor.

Make this a year to remember. Fill your to-do list with things that make you happy. Bring balance into your life to ensure you don't slip into a habit that bogs you down and makes it easy for others to take advantage of your good nature. Life is short, and your happiness is your responsibility. Work hard, play hard and have no regrets.

Put your energy into home, family and finances. Pay down debt and save for something special. Think outside the box, and you'll discover something you can do that makes you happy and encourages you to use your expertise. Extra income and personal gain are within reach, and self-improvement will lead to greater confidence and a chance to advance.

Creative outlets will help you relax this year. Lowering debt, making your living space more efficient or moving to a less expensive location will free up cash you can put toward something you want to pursue. Life is about choices; this year, it's time to do what's best for you. Take control and be responsible for your happiness.