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Align yourself with people who are eager to please and energetic enough to get things done. Your associates will help trigger your success. Rely on inside information to help you make the best decisions. Don't hold back when action is required. Set the pace and follow through with your plans. Be direct at all times.

Put everything in perspective before making a change. Don't let others push you or dictate the pace of your life. Take it upon yourself to make decisions that put your mind at ease and give you the room you need to make alterations along the way. Strive for balance and integrity, and avoid uncertainty and indulgence.

Put negativity and anger aside and learn to enjoy what life has to offer. Set goals and get involved in something that sparks your interest and prompts you to engage in projects with people who make you think outside the box. Put long-term plans in motion and make lifestyle changes that encourage greater freedom to do as you please.