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Stand alone if that's what it takes to get things done your way and on time. Put your heart and soul into what matters most to you, and don't buy into outlandish schemes that have no guarantees. Be smart when it comes to money matters, and steer clear of joint ventures that can tie you up emotionally and financially.

Take pride in what you do and how you handle situations. A friendly nudge or gesture will prompt others to do their fair share. Keep an open mind and encourage others to help bring about positive change. Try to get in tiptop shape and set standards that help maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle. Listen to your heart, but use common sense.

Gravitate toward a positive lifestyle change. Rid yourself of stress and negativity, and surround yourself with people who prop you up rather than bring you down. High energy, discipline and an open mind will encourage you to live in the moment and take advantage of new opportunities. Don't limit what you can do; follow your heart and do what's best for you.

Budget wisely and keep your possessions and assets protected. Avoid joint ventures and giving others too much personal information. Concentrate on taking care of business and using common sense to help you get what you want. Consistency and moderation will help you ward off anyone who tries to get in your way. Make yourself clear to avoid mistakes.