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We have the perfect setting for fires: thousands of acres of wilderness with rugged terrain and few roads; rainy winter weather that allows grass and brush to grow, followed by months of hot, dry weather; prevailing winds as well as sundowner winds; and people, who are the cause of most fires.

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, the world’s largest children’s museum (, continues its outstanding Museum at Ho…

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Oh, Miami — so blessed and so cursed at the same time. While the city sits firmly in the hurricane zone and has been victim to several major storms in the past, the largest current threat is fair-weather flooding due to climate change. These floods are most often associated with king tides, which are excessively high tides caused by lunar and solar cycles.

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As a historian of fire, I know that no single factor drives it. Flames synthesize their surroundings. Fire is a driverless car that barrels down the road integrating whatever is around it.