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GUEST COMMENTARY At six months, President Joe Biden faces a tough situation. The COVID issue has changed under his feet, passing his ambitious agenda with the flimsiest of legislative majorities will only get tougher, and public optimism is falling. Difficult political times could lie ahead.

GUEST COMMENTARY Common ground. Now there's a concept. And the best place to start looking for it is infrastructure spending. After all, Republicans also drive on bumpy roads, drink from rusty pipes and desire better broadband connections in rural areas.

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THOMAS ELIAS For the last 11 years, Democrats have controlled every statewide office in California, while gradually building their majorities in both houses of the state Legislature to levels significantly above the two-thirds needed to make Republicans irrelevant. But the instant the recall election against Gov. Gavin Newsom qualified for a vote this fall, things changed for the state’s Democrats.