This will be unlike any road trip Cabrillo baseball has ever embarked on.

They will be hitting and catching against three programs representing the Show-Me State while also touring the Negro Leagues Museum and running around Kauffman Stadium as they take in the sights and sounds of Kansas City, Missouri.

The Conquistadores will spend the week of April 15 in K.C; making it the first time an entire CHS sports team will experience Kansas City and the Midwest.

Of course, this won’t be the first time the words Cabrillo and Kansas City collaborated together — as the CHS baseball team will be in the same city that has CHS baseball great Danny Duffy has pitched for the K.C Royals.

And it was Duffy himself who helped fund a majority of the trip for his high school baseball team. Then, the Lompoc Unified School Board approved of the trip in November of 2018.

All games are set for 4 p.m CT. Cabrillo will be facing off against Raymore-Peculiar on Tuesday at the Panthers’ home venue. Then will take on Blue Springs High School in a contest played at iconic Satchel Paige Memorial Stadium, which derives its name after the legendary baseball and 1948 World Series champion.

Finally, the last game will allow the Conqs to experience setting foot inside Kauffman Stadium — as CHS takes on Joplin High on Thursday night.

For five of the Conquistadores, this trip comes in their final chapter of wearing the CHS colors.

“It’s pretty cool because this being my senior year, it kind of popped up out of nowhere. Plus it’s my last year of baseball. So it’s kind of cool to go on this trip,” said CHS senior Anthony Lopez.

Mason Townes and his family have been friends with the Duffys for years. While the football and baseball player Townes has gone on lengthy road trips before, this one still serves as a new experience for him.

“I travel sometimes, so it’s not that big of a deal. But I know it’ll be fun,” Townes said. “It’ll be a good experience.”

Cabrillo’s top pitching option Matt Gonzales says he’s most looking forward to setting foot inside “The K” — which is the sanctuary in which the Royals play.

“It’s going to be like a once-in-a-lifetime type of thing. I’m going to remember it my whole life,” Gonzales said.  “When I play there, it’s going to make me feel like I’m in the big leagues.”

The Joplin Eagles own the best record out of the three teams at 7-3 overall. As of April 11, Blue Springs owned a record of 3-10 while Raymore-Peculiar stood at 5-5 overall.

One CHS senior, Patrick Garcia, is no stranger to the Midwest. He visited Oklahoma before. But still, the trip comes equipped with an excitement that each CHS player can’t contain.

“There’s definitely going to be a lot to do over there. Hopefully we have a lot of fun and play great baseball,” Garcia said.

Cesar Frausto was the final Conq to share his enthusiasm about the upcoming trip. He’s hoping the K.C visit comes with victories.

“I’m very excited. We hope to play good and get some wins over there,” Frausto said. “It’s going to be a great experience. I can’t wait.”

But as head coach Jon Osborne pointed out, the trip would have never been made possible without the generosity of Duffy. While Osborne calls his former player one who likes to work behind the scenes, Osborne can't help but praise Duffy for his contributions to CHS, especially in this upcoming trip to K.C. 

"It's going to be a really exciting trip for our guys and our program," Osborne said. "And we're so appreciative of Danny for what he's done for our program. I can't say enough about Danny for all he's done. He's a great ambassador for CHS." 

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