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Lompoc and Cabrillo soccer players shake hands after their game at the Central Coast Classic Soccer Tournament finale at Huyck Stadium. //Ian Gonzaga/Staff

It may not mean as much as a regular season game played at Huyck Stadium, but when the Cabrillo and Lompoc boys soccer teams get together, the game is always big.

The two teams faced each other in their final game of the Central Coast Classic Soccer Tournament played at Cabrillo High School.

It was wet and cold once again as the Conquistadores and the Braves battled it out for first place in the Silver Pool. Both teams earlier defeated Morro Bay to set up the showdown.

The Conqs beat the Pirates 2-1 to start the day. While the Braves shutout Morro Bay 1-0.

But after a hard-fought battle in the muddy trenches, the game ended in a 1-1 tie.

Jose Alcarez scored the Cabrillo goal in the 20th minute of the first half to give the Conqs an early lead, which they held at the half. In an effort to get the final game of the day played between Nipomo and San Marcos, the Cabrillo-Lompoc game began a 1/2-hour earlier than scheduled. The halves were only 25 minutes each.

Just four minutes into the second half, Jesus Anguiano tied the score with a nifty shot right in front of the net.

Both teams had several chances over the next 20 minutes, but neither could pull the trigger.

By gaining the tie, the Braves won the Silver Pool by the closest of margins. Both teams ended the day with 12 points each.

The scoring was six points for a win, which both teams earned with their victories over Morro Bay. They both had three points for their ties. Cabrillo earned three points, one for each of its goals on the day, while Lompoc earned two points for goals and one for having a shutout.

The tie-breaker then went to the second criteria of fewest goals allowed, where Lompoc had a one-goal advantage.

A shorthanded Santa Maria squad lost its first game of the day 1-0 to San Marcos, after starting the game with 12 field players. At the end of the game, the Saints were down to nine.

Ulises Alvarez was carried off the field near the end of the game with a badly injured ankle and Wilmer Ramirez suffered a concussion.

“I think they played really well against a very strong San Marcos squad, they are big and strong kids in the back,” said Santa Maria coach Al Garcia. “We had a lot of kids sick at home and with injuries.”

Despite wanting to forfeit the final game against Nipomo, Garcia was convinced to play by his players. They had just enough to outlast the Nipomo Titans 3-2. Nester Alvarez had two goals on free kicks, including a 40-yarder late for the game-winner.

San Marcos played the final game of the day and defeated Nipomo 3-0 to win the Gold Pool and overall tournament title.

Nordhoff beat Pioneer Valley 1-0 and Crean Lutheran 3-0 to win the Bronze Pool. Pioneer Valley took second in the Bronze after beating up on Crean 12-0.

Most of the tournament was played in the rain and the fields became very muddy.

“It was horrible out there,” Cabrillo coach James Baca said about the conditions.

The tournament was originally scheduled to be played at the River Bend fields, but was moved to the Cabrillo campus at the last minute. The coaches did a terrific job of getting the fields ready for play, although the tourney ended with two very chewed up and muddy playing surfaces.

Cabrillo schedule change

Because of the condition of the main soccer field at Cabrillo High School after the Central Coast Classic boys tournament, the Cabrillo girls soccer game for next Wednesday has been changed.

Originally a home game at 3 p.m., the Cabrillo girls now travel to Santa Maria to play at Righetti High beginning at 4 p.m. That game will be followed by the boys varsity matchup between Righetti and Cabrillo at 6 p.m.

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