At this writing, the national news was bad.

The international news wasn't ALL bad (the Trump team had a chance for a real breakthrough in Afghanistan), but it was pretty bad.

Sunday comes a chance for a respite.

With hopefully everyone, that is the vast majority of the nation that was caught in the polar vortex having a chance to start to thaw out by then, the Super Bowl will once again commence.

It has been a rancorous start to the new year in the U.S., and this year even the run-up to the Super Bowl has not been without rancor.

Every football fan (and even many who are not, I suspect) who does not live in a cave knows about the Rams-Saints no-call on perhaps the most obvious pass interference in history that effectively forestalled a sure New Orleans win that would have put the Saints in the Super Bowl.

Things being as they are, I guess, I really shouldn't have expected no one would seek recourse through the courts. Sure enough, some people have.

Some Saints fans have sued, and, NBC affiliate WDSU News and Yahoo Sports report, two lawyers in Lafayette, Louisiana, have sent a letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell formally requesting Rule 17 be invoked and the end of the Rams-Saints game be replayed.

Earlier in the week, a headline on the Yahoo Sports website read, "Why does Roger Goodell continue to ignore the mess from Rams-Saints?" Actually, I think I  can guess why the commissioner might have been ignoring it. 

At this writing, the legal action hadn't gone anywhere so I'm guessing it, in fact, will be the Los Angeles Rams vs. the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl on Sunday (3 p.m. PST).

What the Rams need to do to have a chance seems pretty straightforward. They need to run the ball effectively, and they need to get to Tom Brady.

Meanwhile, I think what WE need to do is to take a break, enjoy the company of friends and family around the television set (or enjoy the company of your fellow revelers at a public Super Bowl viewing party) and enjoy.

For years, the Super Bowl commercials were awesome and the games were lame. The past several years, the trend has reversed itself. The games have been awesome, and the crops of commercials have been disappointing.

Whatever the game, and the commercials will hold, it will be a good opportunity to put away the cell phones and stay off Twitter for a few hours (I know that can be hard. But I have faith in you) and enjoy the game, and the company around you, for a few hours.

And, ah yes, enjoy the food. Don't forget to enjoy the food. I never do.

Come Monday, we  can go back to worrying about the possibility of another partial government shutdown.

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