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Tyson Barnes rolled the Surf’s winter season first perfect game, a sterling 300, on lanes 13-14 in the Thursday Intramurals League. Tyson opened his match with a somewhat mild 183, then powered his perfecto, and finished with a decent 198 for a super 681 series. Congratulations, Tyson!

Now for the other weekly highlights:

Youth League

Stephen Hawkinson rolled the league’s first 500 series on week 3, a booming 177/503.

His series was key to his team winning all four team points. Nelson York led his team to a 4-0 victory rolling all three games above his average for a nice 379 total. Jacob Brown rolled a dandy 180/475 series and Cyrus Nasr broke a four with three 130-plus games of 137, 132, and 133 for a 402 total.

Heather LaCavalier rolled three consistent beauties of 96, 93, and 87 for a 276 total and Kye Acre did the same with games of 67, 53, and 61 for a nifty 181 series to anchor the weekly honors list.

Draft League

Team 6 won 18 of 20 team points on week 3. The team was led by Pat Smart with his powerful 231/868 series. Rick Meneley also broke an eight rolling a terrific 213/818 set.

Eddie Caldwell rolled a 222/747 set, Howard Gould a 197/738, and Samantha Gardner closed the weekly honors list by besting her average for all four games.

Classic Commercial

Week 4 saw the Motley Crew winning all eight team points. Jocelyn Carl led the team to victory with her pleasant 198/541 series. Teammates Ruben Uballle (200/541) and Jim Jenkins (205/520) were instrumental in the victory.

Bill D. Brooks led the league for the week with a great 234/643 series.

Shane Marshall rolled a 255/615 set, Terrell Day a 219/612, and Jules Hain continued his outstanding scoring with a 231/611 series. Joey Weigel stroked a great 203/569 and John Vasques anchored the weekly honors list with his superb 226/616 series.

Friday Mixed Nuts

Bumatay won all team points on week 4.

Terrell Day led the jewelers to victory with his terrific 235/655 series. Jared Alhambra was one pin short of his seven rolling a splendid 260/699 series. Jeff Kase rolled a fine 255/662 set, Robert Rivas a terrific 258/643 set, and Ray Brooks a decent 227/618 series.

Liza Rodriguez stroked a delightful 204/561 series and Lauren Hicks a smashing 212/555 set. Don Lown anchored the weekly honors list with his awesome 201/553 series.

Tuesday Hits & Mrs.

Always Trying and OSIMA won all four team points on week 5 of league action.

Glory Garcia led OSIMA to victory with her sterling 190/520 series. Mary Hall was the Always Trying leader with her fine 167/485 series. Susan Meile rolled a terrific 177/464 set. Gracie Pauley stroked a fine 142/393 and Amy Davis bested her average for all three games for a 393 total.

Doc Hollister had another good morning with a 141/380 total and Chris Miller bested her average for all three games to anchor the weekly honors list.

Tuesday Independent

Glory Be, there were four teams that won all four team points on week 5: Bowling Mates, Hawaii 4-0, Lucky 7, and Alley Oops.

Scoring for the week was pretty good. The Morrison family led the charge of good scoring with Ron shooting a 205/532 and Susan a pair of 151 games and a 159 for a 461 total.

Great shooting, you two!

Vanessa Sessler also had a great evening rolling a delightful 162/454 series. Wayne Harris had his high series for the winter smashing three deuces for a 646 total. Ray Brooks rolled a 218/616, Howard Weinapple a 244/602, and John Vasques a 222/601.

Jerry Furnari stroked a great 203/573, Henry Green a nifty 188/550, and David Smith a dandy 200/522.

Jim Schneider closed the weekly honors list with his very nice 153/442 series.

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Wednesday Morning Ladies

All four team winners went 3-1 on week 5. Judy Lougen was high for the week with her 177/443 series. Irene Soderquist stroked a nifty 167/420.

Doc Hollister bested her average for all three games for a 388 total and Sylvia Manweiler rolled a neat 142/368 set. Brenda Zura bested her average for all three games to anchor the weekly honors list.

Grey Panthers

Team 3, Team 14, and The Deadly 3 won all four team points on week 5.

The Deadly 3 welcomed a new team member, Jerry Furnari, who blasted a huge 231/599 series on his first afternoon of league play for his new team. His team was overjoyed with his presence for the Deadly One blasted a 217/593 series and Joe Bousquet a powerful 209/547 set.

Don Lown startled his opponents rolling a fantastic 211/591 series. JR Alhambra rolled a terrific 231/547 leading his team to a 3-1 win over the Just Enuf trio. Lee McClatchey rolled a decent 176/499 and his beloved, Melva, three 160 plus games for a neat 490 total.

Doris Fredieu rolled a delightful 178/492 and George Matzie three 150 games for a 460 total to anchor the weekly honors list.

Thursday Intramurals

Congratulations again to Tyson Barnes for his sensational 300 game.

Scores for week 5 were terrific! Erick Ramey rolled a wonderful 742 series on games of 245, 265, and 234. Great shooting, Erick!

Shaun Gardner rolled a great 236/656 and his beloved Samantha a delightful 222/575. Herb Lee punched out a 222/606 and TJ Wilkinson a 208/586. Colby Cone had three 160-plus games for a 560 total while Vernon Smith rolled a nifty 207/506 set.

Kayla Wilkinson rolled a deuce and nice 460 series. Two bowlers had first-class series for the week: Ken Reed rolled all three games above his average for 418 set and Robert O’Connell rolled three 120-plus games for a 372 series.

And the DCINN008 team saw all four team members roll mid-500 series to anchor the weekly honors list.

Thus, dear readers and beloved bowlers, week 5 comes to a close. Until next week, love and friendship always!

Lompoc Record bowling columnist Karl Corser can be reached at 733-1171 or