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Pins flew all over the decks as players soared to splendid scoring during last week at the Surf.

Four 700 series dominated the scoring. Erick Ramey was high with a 769 series. Only two sticks back was Patrick Smart with his 767 series. Bill Brooks rolled a 749 set and John Rocksvold anchored the seven club with his 714 series.

These are only the highest of the high.

Dear readers, you will read of many more splendid scores in the summary of league play.

Draft League

Patrick Smart dominated scoring for week 1 of the reformed Draft League. Patrick rolled a terrific 234/878 set for his four games of match play.

Teammate Scott Cleary rolled a 202/702 series and the team won all 20 team points. A first ever for the league!

Josh Cramer also rolled an eight, a superb 233/829. Shaun Gardner rolled a decent 211/750, Mike Pistilka an okay 230/731 and Erick Ramey a fair 198/730.

Rick Meneley fired off a 199/711 set and Pat Terek anchored the honors list with his 181/704 series.

Tuesday Hits & Mrs.

There were no 4-0 team winners on week 20.

Always Trying came ever so close winning 3.5 points. Mary Hall led the team with a 164/432 series.

In other weekly play, Susan Meile scored a delightful 192/480 set and Karin Keys a terrific 163/478 series.

Nita Phenicie rolled a nifty 145/418 and Frances Langley a decent 180/414 series.

Chris Miller rolled a 156/380 and Joann Schuyler a 119/304. Karen Taatjes anchored the honors lists with her 124/300 series.

Tuesday Independent

One 4-0 team winner on week 20: Alley Oops with Brad Metcalf soaring to a lofty 226/662 series.

Gloria Salgado rolled a mighty 266/683 series and her teammate Bob Corser a very nice 222/640 set.

The Deadly One shot a terrific 224/631 series and two players tied with 617 sets: Ray Brooks and Roy Taatjes.

Bob Stokes Jr. rolled a 231/593 set, Dan Becker a 221/588 and Dante Garner a 231/575 series.

George Matzie rolled a 216/565 set, Becky Gordon a 211/531 and John Wittman a 194/526 series. Jim Schneider blasted a huge 192/505, David Smith a nifty 199/501 and anchoring the honors list was Bethany Harney with a great 191/481 series.

Wednesday Morning Ladies

There were two 4-0 team winners on week 20: Spare Mees and Hi Lo.

Cindy Clayton led the league in scoring with a 182/501 series. Judy Lougen rolled a 150/409 set, Irene Soderquist a 143/410 series and Geneve Smith a 162/431 series.

Valerie Ross and Carol Mitchel rolled 399 series and Doc Hollister anchored the honors list with her delightful 136/377 series.

Grey Panthers

There were four 4-0 team winners on week 20: Just Enuf, Always Trying and Teams 3 and 9.

Patrick Smart was the highlight of the week with his fantastic pair of 268 games and 767 series. Another star of the week was Sir Richard with his terrific 236/560 series.

JR Alhambra had a great week shooting 248/663 and George Matzie found his groove and hit a 235/590 series. The Deadly One fired off a sizzling 204/588 series and Lee McClatchey was awesome with his 210/574 set.

Joe Bousquet stroked a nifty 199/556 set, Don Lown a dandy 204/535 and Art Davis a much better than average 179/512 series.

Terence Woo rolled three beauties and a 492 series. John Schneider stroked a great 201/470, and Connie Amarel a delightful 172/467 series. John Jeszeck anchored the honors list with his awesome 179/516 series.

Classic Commercial

Scores on week 19 were terrific!

Almost every player met or exceeded his/her average. The week’s high scorer was Bill D. Brooks with his fabulous 749 series.

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All 10 players for the two winning 8-0 teams were exceptional. The Expendables blitzed the pits with two sixes (Shane-626 and Larry-624) Marshall while Team Bud had Bill D. Brooks (749) and Pierre Chaldu (491).

In other league action, Jocelyn Carl stroked a delightful 279/638 and her brother, Jeremy Jenkins, a terrific 263/617.

Kyle Bailey rolled a great 239/623, Bill R. Brooks a 205/552 and Frances Lemons a 195/553.

Joey Weigel rolled a 190/541 and Arin Stevens anchored the honors list with his respectable 190/500 series.

Thursday Intramurals

Two 8-0 team winners on week 20: Heroes with John Rocksvold pacing the win with his outstanding 279/714 and DCINNOV8 with the Deadly One leading the way with his highly respectable 204/588 series.

In other league action, Eric Ramey rolled a magnificent pair of 267 games and a 769 series.

Howard Gould rolled an exciting 265/674, Mike Pistalka a thrilling 228/664 and Ray Brooks three nifty deuces and a 663 series.

Mark Rosone stroked a 215/609 set, Colby Cone a 228/605 and Grayson Ingrahm a 227/583 series. Samantha Gardner rolled a terrific 213/572 and Robert O’Connell stroked a pair of 136 games and a better than average 427 series.

Friday Mixed Nuts

Three 8-0 team winners on week 17: So What and Teams 3 and 6.

Robert Rivas was the high shooter for the week with a sparkling 266/690 series. Jeff Kase stroked an awesome pair of 233 games and a 673 series.

Lauren Hicks rolled a terrific 211/602 set and Lynn Bond a masterful 213/589 series. Coralee Bond bested her average for all three games rolling a delightful 446 series.

Mike Hicks rolled a nifty 193/564 set and Jim Schneider anchored the honors list with his dandy 164/441 series.

Dear readers

Please have a great week! Until next week, love and friendship, always!

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