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Most bowlers do not like vacations.

They would rather be trying to figure out the lane conditions and knocking down pins.

So Jan. 2 was a happy day at the Surf. League competition began for the New Year. Recap sheets for two leagues bowling on Dec. 15 and 17 start off this column. Then we will move right into the New Year.

Happy New Year, bowlers and readers of Mutterings!

Youth League

Team 3 won all four on week 12.

Aubrey Cannon rolled a pair of 101 games and a nice 284 series while teammate Corey Guzman rolled a decent 97/263 set. Stephen Hawkinson was high for the week with a thundering 225/482 series.

Kylianne Mcguire rolled a terrific 166/469 set and Cyrus Nasr hit a strong 149/421 series. Jaci Cone anchored the honors list by besting her average for all three games finishing with a delightful 348 series.

Friday Mixed Nuts

Oh Yeah scattered pins all over lanes 9 and 10 winning all four team points.

Jess Kase led the team with a terrific 249/650 set. Two teammates had nifty sixes: Jeremy Barnett (236/611) and Rudy Rodriguez (247/610). Richard Ramirez led the team into action with a nifty 240/571 series.

In other league action, Robert Rivas rolled a tremendous 247/665 series, Greene Senior a huge 266/655 and Dave Montgomery an exciting 225/653 series. JR Alhambra rolled a 232/645 and Lauren Hicks anchored the honors list with a sterling 215/566 series.

Tuesday Hits & Mrs.

Karin Keys rolled a sensational 194/549 series leading her Woo Hoo team to a 4-0 victory.

The Pin Pushers also won all four led by Susan Meile and her 156/437 set. Two young ladies broke fives on week 15: Jennie Limas (188/537) and Mary Hall (191/501). Jill O’Guin anchored the honors list with her fine 168/457 series.

Tuesday Independent


Five teams won all four team points on week 15: Bowling Mates, Hawaii 4-0, Just 4 Fun, Split Happens and Laura & The Boys.

Flex Contreras led the Bowling Mates with a decent 214/472 set. Julio Reyes was all smiles after leading his Hawaii 4-0 team to victory with a very nice 212/607 series.

Jeffrey Benda paced his Just 4 Fun crew to its win rolling a nifty 177/483 set.

Lori Segura was the star for Split Happens rolling a delightful 191/507 series and Casey Cypert rolled a nifty six (216/604) helping Laura & The Boys with its four games.

Bob Stokes Jr. was high for the week with a pair of 211 games and 616 series. Ray Brooks stroked a 210/573 set, Howard Weinapple a 214/572 and Gloria Salgado a nifty 202/570 series.

Wayne Harris rolled a nice 196/549, Glory Garcia a terrific 203/533 and Chris Ward anchored the honors list with his exciting 181/506 series.

Wednesday Morning Ladies

Three 4-0 winners on week 15 and four super shooters: Spare Mees, Tea Timers, and Hi Lo won all four team points while Carol Mitchel led the young ladies with a delightful 153/409 series.

Geneva Smith rolled a nifty 154/393 set, Valerie Ross a decent 145/383, and Cindy Clayton anchored the honors list with her 145/381 series.

Grey Panthers

Teams 11 and 12 won all four team points on week 15!

Terrell Day led Team 12 with a fair 206/519 set while George Matzie led Team 11 with a terrific 1254/621 series.

The Deadly One rolled a humongous 234/619 series while Lynn Bond was close to his six rolling a 204/596 set.

Coralee Bond was one pin from her triplicate rolling two 130 games and a 131 for a nifty 391 series!

Julio Reyes rolled a terrific 224/574 set while the McClatchey family was on target with Lee rolling 208/554 and Melva 159/488.

Larry Craig stroked a nifty 191/552, Jim Socia a terrific 181/511 and Karin Keys a delightful 182/520.

Terence Woo was terrific with his five, a thrilling 180/502. Roy Taatjes anchored the honors list with his sterling 203/565 series.

Classic Commercial

Three super 8-0 team winners on week 14 and three super shooters leading teams to victory.

Frank Hain led the Expendables with a terrific 241/652 series.

Mark Altshuler paced Fear Nothing with a back-patting 232/630 set. Jocelyn Carl was the Star for the Motley Crew rolling a delightful 212/588 series.

John Rocksvold rolled a six (228/605), Jeremy Jenkins a nifty 222/576 and Shane Marshall a terrific 218/568. Joe Bousquet anchored the honors list with his respectable 205/546 series.

Thursday Intramurals

Erick Ramey almost had a 300 on week 15 rolling a 278 and he came ever so close to a seven rolling a 694 series.

Way to fire, big fellow!

Shaun Gardner rolled a nifty six (239/619) while Ray Brooks hit his six perfectly rolling a 215/600 series. Dustin Isbell rolled a nifty 246/596 set and Henry Green a dandy 235/585 series. Three 8-0 team winners anchored the honors list: Nicole’s Boys, 614 COMS, and 30 FSS.

One More Time: Happy New Year!

The first week of the New Year has been exciting. Scores were just short of thrilling and the smiles on the bowler’s faces were rewarding.

Until next week, love and friendship, always!

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