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What a week! Three sevens and two more leagues! Surf Lanes is becoming a bee hive of activity. Great! The two new leagues are the Youth League and the Draft League. There are six teams in the Youth League and seven in the Draft League.

Here are the highlights for Week 1:

Youth League

Jacob Brown rolled the week’s high series, a nifty 183/482. Stephen Hawkinson rolled the weeks high game (186) and also rolled a nifty 186/447 series.

Cyrus Nasr rolled a 169/426 series and Kylianne Mcguire closed the weekly honors list with her fine 148/401 series.

Draft League

The league bowls 4 games and competes in a match point team system. Highs for week 1 were Rick Meneley with a terrific 255/919 set and Pat Smart with an okay 243/840 series.

Team 4 was the big winner for the week scoring 20 out of 20 points. Howard Gould led the winners with a 209/770 set and his teammate Ray Brooks rolled a 200/676 series.

Week 2 for the Classic Commercial and Mixed Nuts showed a good increase in scoring with three 700 series and multiple sixes. The Classic has named all of its teams and the Nuts five of seven.

Classic Commercial

Pat Terek and Greene Senior rolled sevens for their Fear Nothing team and won all eight team points. Terek rolled a 266/724 jewel and Greene a 248/702 beauty.

The Expendables also won all eight as did Bumatay. The Marshall men led the Expendables: Larry rolled a 258/661 and Shane a 223/623. Terrell Day was Bumatay’s master stroker with a fine 223/624.

Oh, and HARK, HARK, Jules Hain found a line and scorched lanes 5-6 for a terrific 268/673 series.

Other highlights for week 2 included: Bill D. Brooks with a 232/648 and Jocelyn Carl with three delightful deuces and a 638 total. Frances Lemons rolled a nifty 208/541 set and Joey Weigel closed the weekly honors list with his dandy 182/505 series.

Friday Mixed Nuts

Robert Rivas was the master stroker for week 2 with his 224,272,207/703 series leading his team to a 8-0 victory.

Five of the seven teams are named. Thank you! Jermaine Bautista rolled three powerful deuces for a 666 series. Bill D. Brooks hit a six (245/610) as did JR Alhambra (214/601).

The McClatchey family anchored the weekly honors list with Lee rolling 210/545 and Melva a delightful 189/517 series.

Week 3 for the remaining leagues resulted in some fine scoring:

Tuesday Hits & Mrs

All of the team winners won their match by 3-0 totals. There were no whitewashers this week. Judy Lougen was the top scorer with a fine 182/478 series.

Karin Keys rolled a 168/469, Mary Hall a 171/458, and Glory Garcia a fine 173/442 series. Louise Deveny busted the 400 barrier with a delightful 166/416 set.

Dorothy Avila rolled a 140/405 and Joan Schuyler closed the weekly honors list with three games above her average and a 246 total.

Tuesday Independent

Hawaii 4-0 and It’s ShowTime No. 2 went 4-0 on Week 3.

Brad Metcalf was high for the week with a 246/641 set. Bob Stokes Junior rolled a 220/598, Gary Gordon 214/587, and Jerry Furnari 203/585. Howard Weinapple stroked a 209/574 and Glen Eckart 238/560.

Jennie Limas rolled a delightful 214/542 series and Don Lown a smashing good 190/531 set. Dianne Rayner anchored the weekly honors list with her terrific 173/476 series.

Wednesday Morning Ladies

The One-Ders team won all four on Week 3 led by Nita Phenicie and her sparkling 146/400 series. Irene Soderquist was the week’s top shooter with a 160/432 series. Cindy Clayton rolled a nifty 159/426 and Judy Lougen a fair 159/426.

Edith Miller anchored the weekly honors list with three consistent jewels and a 294 series.

Grey Panthers

Two teams won all four: Always Trying and Team 14. Four of the 14 teams are named. Progress!

Lynn Bond led the old timers into battle with a powerful 248/650 series. The Deadly One fired off a sparkling good 216/573 set and Don Lown smiled after shooting a 205/561 series.

The McClatchey family went home happy after Lee rolled 185/511 and Melva 174/487. The Woo family also smiled after Linda broke 400 (153/427) and Terence bested his average for all three games and a 395 total.

Doris Fredieu and Howard Gould anchored the weekly honors list. Doris rolled a 189/472 set and Howard a 244/594 series.

Thursday Intramurals

Wow! Five teams went 8-0 on Week 3: Heroes, Cons No. 1, 576 FLTS, Cons No. 2, and 614 Acoms. One team is not yet named!

Shaun Gardner rolled a fantastic 705 series on games of 237, 248, and 220. Joshua Palmanteer was one stick from his seven rolling a 266/699 series.

Eric Ramey rolled a 279/627 set, Pat Smart a pair of 212 games and 619 series and Daren Childers a nifty 213/606 set.

Eddie Caldwell rolled three consistent beauties of 196, 199, and 199 for a 594 set. Colby Cone stroked a 216/583 series, Lizzy Jones a strong 205/557, and Jeff Greick closed the weekly honors list with his 178/478 series.

This completes another week of fun and excitement at the Surf. Until next week love and friendship always!

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