We've been talking throughout the summer and fall, wondering who would make the playoffs and who'd win the league championships. 

Now we know who's in. Now we'll find out who's gonna win. 

We've got a slew of games going down on the Central Coast and around Southern California. 

So here are our first-round picks. 

There are some terrible difficult match-ups to break down. 

The Carpinteria-Santa Maria game is a tough one. I think the Saints should win that one. They've got the talent. They're playing at home. It's an historic game for the team, the school and even the Santa Maria community. 

I'm going with the Saints, 44-33, in a high-scoring game. Santa Maria has been on fire since its bye week and that'll continue. 

Lompoc's home game in Division 3 against Camarillo will also be close, at least for the first half. I think the Braves have enough talent and experience to take care of the Scorpions, which is a year away from being a really big threat in the Southern Section. (A deep run from Lompoc in that division would be something special. Lompoc isn't a Division 3 team, but I wouldn't be surprised to see the Braves make it to at least the semifinals).

St. Joseph's game at home against Harvard-Westlake is also a tough one. I went with HW at first, but I have a feeling St. Joseph can win that one. They have about 17 seniors on the roster and the Wolverines are real young. I'm going with St. Joseph, 28-20. 

Nipomo, Righetti and Arroyo Grande all have very difficult games ahead. 

A.G. is at Oaks Christian, a top-20 program that will definitely put up points Friday night in a convincing win. Still a strong season from A.G.

I think Antelope Valley will take care of Righetti fairly easily. Just too much talent. Still, there's absolutely nothing for the Warriors to hang their heads. They've had a great year. Nipomo will also struggle against a really talented Golden Valley team. There's just too much talent in those population pockets in SoCal. 

Then we have two 8-man teams in the quarterfinals. I'm going with Orcutt to beat Chadwick, but I think VCA falls to Hesperia Christian. 

Here are all the picks, with our season win-loss records for our predictions through 11 weeks.

Joe Bailey (81-24)

Div. 2: Oaks Christian 49, Arroyo Grande 24

Div. 3: Lompoc 35, Camarillo 27

Div. 4: Damien 44, Paso Robles 22

Div. 5: St. Joseph 28, Harvard-Westlake 20

Div. 6: Golden Valley 55, Nipomo 12

Div. 8: Antelope Valley 56, Righetti 29

Div. 12: Santa Maria 44, Carpinteria 33


Div. 1: Orcutt Academy 44, Chadwick 43

Div. 2: Hesperia Christian 50, VCA 40

Kenny Cress (78-27)

Div. 2: Oaks Christian 31, Arroyo Grande 21

Div. 3: Lompoc 24, Camarillo 10

Div. 4: Paso Robles 32, Damien 23

Div. 5: Harvard-Westlake 22, St. Joseph 21

Div. 6: Golden Valley 21, Nipomo 7

Div. 8: Antelope Valley 34, Righetti 17

Div. 12: Santa Maria 28, Carpinteria 21


Div. 1: Chadwick 40, Orcutt Acacdemy 35 

Div. 2: Hesperia Christian 50, VCA 35

Brian Stanley (74-31)

Div. 2: Oaks Christian 42, Arroyo Grande 21

Div. 3: Lompoc 49, Camarillo 7

Div. 4: Paso Robles 35, Damien 14

Div. 5: Harvard-Westlake 35, St. Joseph 28

Div. 6: Golden Valley 28, Nipomo 7

Div. 8: Antelope Valley 28, Righetti 21

Div. 12: Santa Maria 35, Carpinteria 14


Div. 1: Orcutt Academy 52, Chadwick 38

Div. 2: VCA 45, Hesperia Christian 41

Elliott Stern (73-22)

Div. 2: Oaks Christian 35, Arroyo Grande 28

Div. 3: Lompoc 42, Camarillo 14

Div. 4: Paso Robles 28, Damien 21

Div. 5: St. Joseph 31, Harvard-Westlake 28

Div. 6: Golden Valley 21, Nipomo 14

Div. 8: Antelope Valley 42, Righetti 21

Div. 12: Santa Maria 42, Carpinteria 35


Div. 1: Orcutt Academy 54, Chadwick 45

Div. 2: Hesperia Christian 58, VCA 35

Lorenzo J. Reyna (72-33)

Div. 2: Oaks Christian 38, Arroyo Grande 21

Div. 3: Lompoc 31, Camarillo 16

Div. 4: Paso Robles 27, Damien 10

Div. 5: Harvard-Westlake 29, St. Joseph 27

Div. 6: Golden Valley 28, Nipomo 7

Div. 8: Antelope Valley 45, Righetti 7

Div. 12: Santa Maria 31, Carpinteria 24


Div. 1: Orcutt Academy 55, Chadwick 45

Div. 2: Hesperia Christian 50, VCA 28

Joe Bailey is the sports editor at Lee Central Coast Newspapers. Contact him with tips and story ideas at jbailey@leecentralcoastnews.com or (805) 739-2239. Follow him on Twitter at twitter.com/jbaileysmsports