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Rick Meneley averaged 234 for four games leading his team to an 18-2 victory on Week 4 of the Draft League.

Rolling on lanes 7-8, Meneley rolled games of 248, 202, 255, and 231 for a herculean series of 936. Teammate Henry Green chipped in with a 653 series some 17 pins better than his average.

Pat Smart almost had a nine, shooting games of 249, 217, 188, and 238 for a potent 892 series.

Mike Pistulka came ever-so-close to his 800 rolling a 224/799 set. Howard Gould rolled a terrific 272/789 series and Scott Cleary rolled a pair of deuces and 744 set to anchor the weekly honors list.

Youth League 

The Youth League completed its fourth week of action with some impressive scores.

Cyrus Nasr rolled three 150-plus games and a 459 series leading his team to a 4-0 victory over their opponents.

Stephen Hawkinson was high for the week rolling a powerful 186/536 series. Two other players broke a five: Jacob Brown with a 185/521 and Kylianne Mcguire with a 208/513.

Nelson York anchored the weekly honors list with his stepladder games of 101, 102, and 103 for a nifty 306 series.

Classic Commercial

The A&E team won all eight on Week 6 led by Brad Metcalf and his three consistent beauties of 211, 214, and 212 for an exciting 637 series.

Scores for the week were well above average.

John Rocksvold was high with a beautiful 249/667. He was only slightly ahead of Shane Marshall who rolled a terrific 232/665 set.

Pat Terek unleashed a mighty 246/655 and Jules Hain returned to the six club with his 220/608 series. Joey Panel stroked a nifty 225/602 while Paul Feeley just missed his six shooting two deuces and a 598 series.

George Matzie ran the 10 board for a fine 206/565 and Jim Jenkins anchored the weekly honors list with his super 190/505 series.

Friday Mixed Nuts

Three teams won six of eight team points on Week 6: Team 3, Momma’s & Pappa’s, and Team 6.

Dave Montgomery led the league in scoring with his dandy 224/637 set.

JR Alhambra rolled a nice 221/607, Richard Ramirez a nifty 220/591, and Eric Getzen an OK 208/556. Lauren Hicks fired off a 225/551, Lee McClatchey stroked a 224/517 and his beloved Melva a delightful 180/509.

Jim Schneider added to his average with a terrific 176/461 to anchor the weekly honors list.

Tuesday Hits & Mrs.

Three teams won all four on Week 7: The Lunch Bunch, Pin Pushers, and OSIMA. Mary Hall was the top scorer for the week with his 190/473 series.

Karin Keys was just a few pins behind with her splendid 172/466 set. Susan Meile rolled a neat 169/449, Sally Melatti a terrific 148/420, and Nita Phenicie a very nice 157/405.

Chris Miller rolled a terrific 141/382 and Amy Davis anchored the weekly honors list with her outstanding 183/464 series.

Tuesday Independent

Cindy Clayton and Sandy Odem led their Hopin ‘N’ Wishin team to a 4-0 victory with delightful series of 162/464 and 155/463, respectfully. Scores for Week 7 were great!

Jerry Furnari led the shooters with a fine 218/624 series. Casey Cypert rolled a neat 253/612 and Bob Corser closed the six club door with his 205/602 set. Jared Alhambra scorched the maplewoods with his 219/587 and Dan Becker toppled the pins with his 237/583.

Joseph Ramiro rolled a neat 202/559, Gloria Salgado a delightful 215/548, and Jeffrey Benda a quality 183/523. Dianne Raynor continued her excellent scoring with a 188/501 series.

Pierre Chaldu was all smiles after shooting a fine 177/487 set and Vanessa Sessler was the same after rolling a terrific 167/459 series. Mia Heggie closed the weekly honors list with her almost triplicate series of 364 on games of 121, 121 and 122.

Wednesday Morning Ladies

The One-Ders and Spare Mees went 4-0 on Week 7. Nita Phenicie led the One-Ders to victory with a respectable 157/435 series. Cindy Clayton was the Spare Mees leader with a super 184/523 set. Irene Soderquist fired off a fine 169/445 series and Carol Mitchelll closed the week’s action with a decent 147/371 series.

Grey Panthers

Pat Smart, Greene Senior, and JR Alhambra led the old timers in scoring on Week 7.

Smart fired off a superlative series of 686 on games on 224, 223, and 238. Readers, the man is good! Greene Senior is no slouch having maintained a deuce average for years. He stroked a 257/648 set.

Youngster Alhambra was terrific with his 215/606 series.

Meanwhile, Jim Socia took his team to a 4-0 win with a terrific 192/541 series.

In other action, Jerry Furnari rolled a decent 208/579, Melva McClatchey an awesome 205/506, and Terence Woo a solid pair of 166 games and 468 series.

Joe Bousquet rolled a better than average 200/533 and the three players on Team 3 fired of three consistent series to win three of four games: Doris Fredieu rolled a 457, Christine Jeszeck a 445, and John Jeszeck a 434. Great team scoring!

Thursday Intramurals

Three 8-0 winners on Week 7: Split Happens, the Medics, and Team 13. Scores were excellent!

Jeremy Howard led the shooters with a 237/664 set. John Rocksvold rolled a 252/652, Howard Gould a 240/616, and Daren Childers a 250/616.

Colby Cone joined the six club with his 234/615, Eric Ramey paid his dues with a 226/613, and Bob Corser continued his membership with a 234/605. Joshua Palmanteer stroked a pair of 197 games and a great 599 series while Jacob Loesche rolled a terrific 203/546.

Mona Martin anchored the weekly honors list with her pleasing 191/485 series.

That’s it, dear readers, another bountiful week at the Surf Palace. Until next week, love and friendship always!

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