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Daren Childers and Pat Smart rolled exciting 700 series on Week 6 at the Surf to highlight a week of great scoring.

Childers rolled a thrilling 277/720 and Smart a rousing 279/707. In addition to those monster scores, there were six 650-plus series and a total of 23 600 series during the week.

What a week!

And two leagues didn’t bowl on Week 6: The Youth League and The Draft League. They will return to action next week. Now for the weekly highlights starting with the two leagues that are in Week 5:

Classic Commercial

Bill D. Brooks led his team Bud to a stimulating 8-0 victory over Team Bumatay rolling three consistent beauties of 225, 224, and 228 for a thrilling 677 series.

Three of his teammates rolled 585-plus series (Lynn Bond/585), John Vasques (233/591), Justin LeCavalier (597) and leadoff man Pierre Chaldu rolled over his average to support the team’s victory.

In other action on Week 5, Howard Gould and Joey Panel crushed the pins for 638 totals and Pat Terek unleashed a nifty 213/618 set.

Ray Brooks rolled a neat 208/606, Shane Marshall a nifty 229/601, and Terrell Day just missed his six rolling a 222/597 series.

Joey Weigel shot 211/556 and Kyle Bailey rolled a 224/553 series. Frances Lemons anchored the weekly honors list with a terrific 295/545 series.

Friday Mixed Nuts

There were three 8-0 team winners on Week 5 of league action: Momma’s & Pappa, So What, and Team 3.

Individual scores by the bowlers were awesome. Terrell Day had a fantastic 278/688, Lynn Bond rolled three wonderful deuces for a 658, and Howard Gould stroked a great 231/638.

Bill D. Brooks and Dave Montgomery stroked terrific 629 series and Jared Alhambra a neat 236/610. Don Lown rolled an amazing 229/588 and Michael Cummins anchored the weekly honors list with his fabulous 269/690 series.

Now for the leagues on their sixth week of league play:

Tuesday Hits & Mrs.

The Dots Dashes won all four team points led by Gracie Pauley and her nifty 151/395 series.

Jill O’Guin led the league on Week 6 with a delightful 180/503 series. Jennie Limas rolled a neat pair of 164 games for a 497 total while Karin Keys stroked a great 163/472 set. Mary Hall rolled a 126/442 and Amy Davis a 147/411.

Doc Hollister anchored the weekly honors list with her pair of 114 games and 354 series.

Tuesday Independent

All four players on The Whatever team exceeded their average in the team’s 4-0 victory. Don Lown was the high shooter with a nifty 203/531.

In other fantastic action of Week 6, Bob Stokes Jr. rolled a terrific 269/654, Brad Metcalf a 237/636, and Julio Reyes three terrific deuces for a 629 total.

Bob Corser rolled a nifty 233/609, Dan Becker a 207/597, and Jerry Furnari a great 212/595. Scott Barbee stroked a 212/565, Cindy Clayton a delightful 214/518, and Dianne Raynor a terrific 213/511.

Ron Morrison added to his average with a fine 185/509 series while Nita Phenicie helped her average rolling a nice 148/380. Lisa Matzie rolled all three games over her average to anchor the weekly honors list.

Wednesday Morning Ladies

Two 4-0 winners on Week 6: Spare Mees and Tea Timers. Cindy Clayton led the Spare Mees with a delightful 176/488. Valerie Ross was the Tea Timers leader with her 133/366 set. Judy Lougen was the week’s high scorer with a 166/452. Nita Phenicie also rolled a 400 (160/425) while Ann Rowell anchored the weekly honors list with her three consistent beauties of 81, 84, and 77 for a 242 series.

Grey Panthers

Hats off to Pat Smart for his fabulous 279/707 series and the four teams who won all four team points on week 6: The Unbowlievables, Team 9, Team 13, and Team 14.

Terrence Woo led The Unbowlievables with his excellent 165/472 series. He was supported by his beloved Linda with her outstanding 198/462 and Elaine Schneider with her 152/395.

JR Alhambra led Team 9 with his 221/579. He was helped by Don Lown (205/544) and Jim Schneider (146/381). Larry Craig was the team 13 super shooter with his 243/647.

Teammate Art Davis rolled a terrific 207/540 and teammate Sir Richard stroked a huge deuce (204) and nice 479 series.

The Taatjes family led Team 14 to victory. Roy rolled 188/539 and Karen 115/305. Mark Anthony anchored the team with his neat 195/508.

In other league action, George Matzie rolled a fantastic 202/599, Terrell Day a terrific 213/585, and Julio Reyes a powerful 213/583. Jerry Furnari stroked a 203/575, Joe Bousquet a nifty 215/549, and Bonnie Braithwaite closed the weekly honors list with her 148/398 series.

Thursday Intramurals

Hearty congratulations to the DCINNOV8 team and two of its super shooters for their victory on week 6.

Daren Childers led the team with his outstanding 277/720 series and Bob Corser added a fabulous 234/660 to the team’s victory.

The HEROES team won all eight led by John Rocksvold (625 series) and Shaun Gardner (608 series).

The CONS No. 1 team also won all eight thanks to all four team players who exceeded their average for the night. Joshua Palmanteer rolled a terrific 239/635, Eric Ramey shot a 236/628, and Colby Cone rolled a great 225/608.

Roger Culberson rolled a neat 205/581, Grayson Ingraham a nifty 209/567, and Steve Jostes a terrific pair of 176 games and 555 series.

Robert O’Connell anchored the weekly honors list with his terrific 164/456 series.

Thus, dear readers and bowlers, another fantastic week ends. Y’all have a fabulous week and come back primed for more exciting action from the Surf.

Until next week, love and friendship always!

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